Solicita informacion de los productos de Judio VII que hemos puesto a la venta.

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Our stables are home to a small number of livestock, some 30 brood mares, and have a meticulous selection system. Our breeding stock has been carefully tried and tested to ensure that it meets with our requirements. Over the years we have strictly rejected any specimen that did not exceed our expectations. At present we have a homogeneous group of horses, from origins which have given optimum results. Today our product has its own identity, and has a perfectly established genotype and phenotype. Our first mares were from the Marín García “Cuerda” y “Canuta” stables. In 1981 we strengthened the livestock with the purchase of studs “Bélico III” and “Ibérico”, from Rumasa. “Bélico III”, sired by “Habanero XI”, a line we were particularly interested in, was one of the last studs reared by Terry´s widow, and won the Gold medal in the Spanish Championship. There are dapple grays and chestnuts, but our horses have always been selected for their quality, not for their coats.
Over the years we have had many successful specimens, with 20 thoroughbred champions at the Balearic championships. We are well-known nationally, and won the "Campeonísima Júnior" at Ecumad 2000, In the Spanish Championships we had three runners up with "Judío VII", and an additional runner up with "Bruma IX". This mare has also won more than 10 breed championships at different ANCCE circuits at, and at present belongs to the Mater Christi stables.

These results are very satisfying as we do not usually compete in peninsular morphology because of insularity issues.

Our specimens are currently covering at leading stables and over the next few years we expect to see some high quality Vilaire offspring.

It is our desire to produce something outstanding, for our horses to have added value, and we therefore only offer specimens which have been tested and rigorously selected, and then only 50% of these are sold.

Vilaire stables aim to provide a first rate product that will meet our customers´ expectations, and at the same time offer maximum value for money. Thanks to this, we have been able to export our product to countries such as Germany, England, Austria and USA. Customer loyalty has been our greatest achievement.

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